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November 2021


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MYP Category 1 - Leading the learning:  English / French


This workshop will support learning leaders* to create the culture and conditions of a Middle Years Programme (MYP) school by considering the school’s choices and actions and their impact on student learning.


Building on this understanding, leaders will consider the ways in which they will place learning at the centre of their IB programme, through the thoughtful development of purpose, culture and environment, in alignment with the IB’s Standards and practices.


Working with each other and the workshop leaders, participants will:

  • take responsibility for their role as a programme leader within a learning organization in an IB global context
  • become familiar with the IB’s mission and philosophy and the requirements and specifications relevant to the MYP.
  • prepare to inform and engage their school community
  • plan their school’s IB journey through authorization and beyond.


During the workshop, leaders will have begun to develop their school’s IB action plan to meet the IB’s requirements for authorization and a vision for ongoing implementation.






Recommended Audience: Teachers, Coordinators


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