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November 2020


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MYP – Category 2: Mathematics: Delivering the MYP curriculum in French



Teachers from candidate and IB World Schools who have at least one year of experience in delivering the MYP should enroll in these category 2 workshops as part of their continued professional development. You will collaborate and reflect on effective teaching, learning and assessment strategies in each of the MYP subject groups. These workshops encourage you to:

  • continue to develop a collaborative and collegial approach to the structures and principles of the subject group aims and objectives, concepts, contexts and approaches to learning skills

  • evaluate effective teaching and learning strategies and continue to design tasks that will support the implementation of the subject groups and guidelines

  • reflect upon the relevance, innovation and rigour of the student-centred environments that you have created

  • share challenges and successes in a continued effort to align the school's educational beliefs and values to reflect those of the IB in order to create a challenging programme of international education

  • reflect upon your own practices and capabilities.




Recommended Audience: Teachers; Head of School; Coordinators

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Groupe Scolaire Oasis Zahraa El Maadi, Quarter 3 and 7 - Part A and B - Cairo – Egypt